Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcoming Fall

Welcome friends from Emma Calls Me Mama Holdiay Blog Party! I am all about fall right now, so here is my link up to the holiday party! I hope you enjoy it!

Around our house, we don't have falling leaves or cool temperatures to usher in fall. But we do have a few recipes that we pull out in October that let us know that fall has arrived. I thought I would share a couple with you that you might enjoy.

Mike's Favorite Chili

2 lbs of ground beef
1 Onion chopped
1 can of diced tomatoes (Pureed in blender)
1 can of Bush's Chili Beans in Mild sauce (Also Pureed in blender - the kids have no idea!)
Chili powder to taste (your desired hotness!)
***2 small cans of tomato sauce (I never put this in, we like our chili really thick)
---1. Brown ground beef & onion, drain
2. Puree in blender diced tomatoes.
3. Puree in blender chili beans
4. Combine meat mixture, 2 purees, and heat through
5. Season with chili powder to your desired taste

***This easy recipe was from a friend of mine who lovingly brought me dinner right after the birth of my first child. I had been trying out chili recipes for my husband and after tasting this one he said, "I think we found it!" I have made it for the past 10 years!

Pumpkin Muffins

1 package of spice cake mix
1 can Libby 100% pumpkin (15 oz)
3 large eggs
1/3 cup of oil
1/3 cup of water

---1. Blend all ingredients. Beat on medium speed for 2 minutes
2. Pour batter into greased or paper lined muffin cups (about 24 muffins)
3. Bake at 350 for about 16-21 minutes
4. You can add a vanilla or cream cheese icing if you like.

***I always serve these muffins with the chili as part of the main course. I never add the icing because they are just as good without them. My kids devour them! As a side note, I heard a rumor that there was a shortage of pumpkin this year and that canned pumpkin may be hard to come by.

Looking Forward,

P.S. For instructions on how to make these fabulous crafts and others, go to BHG.Com.
You can find these two crafts under Fall Welcome Message and Fall Pumpkin Centerpieces.


  1. I made the spice cake mix - it was great and felt like fall, even though the weather hasn't! Love pumpkin picture - is that yours?

  2. Totally going to make the pumpkin muffins! Mmmm, that sounds so good!

  3. Hello Stacey - you have me drooling over your recipes! I love a good chili, so I might have to try this one. Yum!

    Thank you for joining me for the party!


  4. wow, i am an awful baker but those muffins sound great :D

  5. This sounds so simple and totally yummy :)

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog! I like it! I will be back!


  7. These recipes both sound wonderful. Perfect fall recipes to make you feel all cozy. Thanks for sharing and have a great time at the party!

  8. Love your post! Those muffins sound delish!
    Happy Friday~
    All Things Heart and Home

  9. A lovely Autumn post; thank you! The muffins sound very good.


  10. Thanks for sharing about your Fall holiday. The recipes look delish.
    ~Myrna Lee

  11. I like the idea of pureeing the tomatoes and beans! I am going to try this recipe soon. Maybe to bring to you!!! The whole pureeing thing got me thinking...dave hates chunky tomato sauce, but likes spaghetti and pasta dishes. Usually, if I use jarred tomato sauce--like bertolli--half of it gets left in the bowl with lackluster reviews. So, this time I decided to puree the sauce in the blender and voila! he LOVED it! I did the same thing today-to make lasagna sauce--adding fresh herbs, garlic, and broccoli and carrots, and it was hands down the best lasagna I ever made. So, THANK YOU!