Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Design Girl Wannabe - Master Bedroom

I am so excited to finally have a plan for our master bedroom! I have searched high and low for design inspiration and a color scheme that captured the look and feel of what I wanted. After what seemed like years of looking , I found this beautiful room at Houzz:
Master Bedroom traditional bedroom

I think the key elements that I love are the clean white bedding, the pop of color in the pillows which can be easily changed for a new look, the photo above the bed and the cozy lounge area for reading or watching television. I also like the use of black in the room which really provides an anchor to all the white! I found some fabulous bedding at to begin to build upon. Now I am looking for slipcovers, bedside tables and just the right photograph compliments of my husband! I am not sure what accent color I am going to use. I am thinking about green or a linen color. Currently my bed is a red oak slatted sleigh design, and it will have to stay that way for now. But with a picture finally in mind I can move forward! And that feels awesome!

I love the fact as well that dreaming and planning doesn't cost a dime. Now on to frugal shopping!

Looking Forward,

P.S. I will post before and after pictures as I am able to begin to make these changes. Right now I feel like Bob, from "What About Bob" ---taking baby steps!

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