Wednesday, December 9, 2009

C is for Choir of Angels Sing

Light your 3rd Advent Candle and review candles 1 & 2

Scripture: Luke 2: 1-20

Key Figures: Angels and Shepherds

Possible Gifts: A new Christmas CD, a musical instrument, a small stuffed sheep, angel Christmas Ornament

Activities: You can sing Christmas songs, go caroling in your neighborhood, or glue cotton balls onto a picture of a sheep, or make hand print angels.

Other: I love to share with my girls that the shepherds were not a likely bunch to be the first to hear about the birth of Christ. In fact, they were hard working loyal men, but considered social outcasts by most and rarely went to town. But, upon hearing the glorious song of the Savior's birth from the heavenly hosts they quickly went to find the Baby. They left their sheep, because they knew that this was something worthy of their devotion.

Looking Forward,

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