Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Do You Compare?

It is party day over at Heart to Heart With Holley! This was a great week of thought provoking questions. I chose my favorite entry and my comment to share with you today! I hope you have super weekend!

It's a junior high lunch table. We eavesdrop on giggly girls...
"My boyfriend is captain of the football team."
"I found THE COOLEST JEANS last weekend!"
"I got an A on the Science test."
Is anyone else's heart racing just thinking about being back there. Good grief.
Okay, I've regained my composure. The point is that as women we compare. A lot...
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Question: What is God doing in your story right now?

My Answer:
Henry Blackaby says, "God is always at work around you. It is your job to find out where He is at work and join Him in it!" So, clearly God is at work, and right now He is working on my heart. He is saying, "Follow me one step at a time. Do not anxiously look around and wish you could be doing other things. Just do the next thing I tell you to do." Seriously, yesterday I followed this plan throughout the day and my heart was more at ease. I was not sitting and wishing I was off doing something else. And I was not overwhelmed as much by all I had to yet to finish. Doing the next thing - like feeding the kids or praying with my husband is really okay. The next thing is God's thing for me right now.

Looking Forward,


  1. Hmmm. Interesting - after I read your post - the thought occurred to me ... The rest of your/my story begins NOW. And in that senes, Your conclusion/last so timely.

    I've been blessed by the time I spent here today :) Thank you.

  2. "Just do the next thing I tell you to do"...I love this, Stacey, and needed to hear it again today. Big sigh of relief, whew. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up!