Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Porch

Don't you just love meeting new friends? I am so excited to introduce you to Lara. She is a new friend who has the cutest blog called My Adventures With God, Unrehearsed. Lara describes herself as
"a woman under the grace of our mighty God who has walked through valleys of addiction, death, and betrayal and experienced the miraculous ability of God to bring victory out of seeming despair." I am honored that she wants to take some time to share her heart with us on the 29lincolnavenue porch. I think you will be blessed by this sweet story about her little boy and a our God who delights in us.

Secret Windows

I love the secret windows. From the "women only" room at the gym, I can peak at my kids while they play. Yesterday tears caught me by surprise.

My little guy was working hard. He stood on his tiptoes and reached with all he had for the top of the bookshelf. He carried Thomas to the table for a quick "read." Then the process repeated itself four more times.

At one point the book return did not cooperate. He tried and tried to get Elmo to tuck between Dora and Cookie Monster, but his little arms were just not long enough. The teacher sat close but unaware of his struggle. He never got frustrated. He never asked for help. He just kept no avail. Finally he laid Elmo down for a rest on the lower shelf.

And for some reason I started to cry. I wasn't sad. I was overtaken by my love for him. He was simply being himself--living, doing, moving about. And delight welled up in my spirit.

I realized that at that moment I was reflecting a tiny piece of God. He looks down from His heavenly throne and smiles upon His children. He watches us simply being ourselves--living, doing, moving about--and He loves immeasurably. We are His creation and He delights in His own. Rejoice today under the blanket of His favor--simply because you are His.

You bring Him delight simply because you are His! Don't you love that? Thank you Lara for encouraging our hearts today. Please be sure to visit Lara at her blog and leave a comment below to make her feel welcome to the 29lincolnavenue porch!

Looking Forward,


  1. Great post. "...Simply because you are His."

  2. Thanks for the "air-time," Stacey. I pray you continue to be blessed as you speak forth His love.

  3. Beautiful story and example of God's love for us... thanks, Lara! And thanks, Stacey, for introducing us to her... going to her blog now!