Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 Year and Counting

One year ago, my husband and I made a decision to turn off our cable television. Now let me just say, that I had a deep love for my digital recorder capable cable television. Our decision came primarily to save money. We were also concerned about some of the kid's channels that advertised teen targeted programming that came on later in the day. We began to see this impacting them and decided to cut it off. Now, I did not say we cut off television completely. My husband is a technology genius and hooked us up with an HD Tuner and a small computer with Eye TV installed. Eye TV is our channel navigator and we can still digitally record our favorite shows. We have local and public tv stations only. And joy of all joys we saved enough to pay for ballet lessons for our girls!

My children have adjusted like champions and only fussed a bit in the beginning. I felt enormous pride while on vacation this summer, they chose to watch PBS over another popular station they used to love!

I, on the other hand have greatly mourned the loss of my favorite channels like HGTV, TLC, Food Network etc. I do not watch a ton of TV, but when I have the time, I want to watch a 30 minute program that does not require me to think or come back next week for the conclusion. Oh how I love a design show! And I miss Friday nights watching "What Not To Wear" - I must confess it now. The unitended effect has sent me looking for other ways to feed this entertainment need.

So I turned to my computer and began blog hopping. I have found some of the most amazing blogs that have truly inspired me. I have listed a few on the right side of my blog and will add more in the days ahead. I have been challenged by these blogs to:
  • Memorize 2 Bible Verses each month.
  • Be a better mom.
  • Fall in love with a can of spray paint.
  • Become a Thrift Store Fanatic
  • Save Money!
  • Begin a blog myself!
Plus, I learned something else about myself - I learn more by reading and looking at still pictures over a 30 minute show that I find myself later saying, "Now what did they do and how did they do it?" With a blog post I can always go back and read it again and agian.

I still miss watching those shows - in fact I opted to watch them while on vacation and away from my computer! But, I am thrilled with how my lack of entertainment has led me to inspiration that has truly blessed my life!

Looking Forward,


  1. love it! and...i loved when you would come home and i would be watching what not to wear and we would talk about it. haha!

  2. hi stacey! so nice to see you here in bloggerland. we, too, generally have nothing but local channels. but ocassionally andy breaks downs and upgrades our service so he can get espn during nfl season. i get giddy and upset at the same time b/c, eek!, i have hgtv again, but aaaghh, i know he'll eventually snatch it away (b/c he hates spending the $ and can't make himself pay it for more than a few months)and i'll go through withdrawal again. so the tv cycle goes in our home.