Sunday, August 9, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Call it a long time coming, but I have thought about doing this for well over a year. I am not sure why I picked today, over any other day to start this blog, but here it is. Thanks for stopping by and my hope is that this will be a place you enjoy and visit often.

In the days ahead I will share more about me and my blog ideas, but let's start off with the title. Why 29 Lincoln Avenue? This is the name of the street I lived on when I was a little girl. As the song goes, "I was born in a small parents live in the same small town." I have many wonderful memories about that place. We had great neighbors, quiet summer evenings and mom cooking in the kitchen. Even the shag carpet was wonderful! So fast forward 30 or so years and now I'm the mom cooking in the kitchen. We don't live in a small town and my kids don't ride their bikes down the block to buy candy at the local grocery store. As a family we don't have the luxury of knowing "everyone in town." But, it is my turn to make our dwelling place a home that has great memories for them. My desire is that it be a place of faith, love, grace and growth.

So in general that is what this blog will be about: How our home is becoming a place my kids will always want to remember. It may be something I'm learning, a book I'm reading, or a creative idea I've found that I must pass on.

Looking Forward,


  1. Woo Hoo! I'm the first to post a comment on your very first post! Welcome to blogger world!! So glad you could join us! Looking forward to your wisdom and insight!!!

  2. Stacey has a out now ;)
    Welcome to the fun that is blogging!!