Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is funny how some traditions are very purposeful, and others evolve over time. I think no matter how they develop, they have a powerful effect of bringing stability and predictability to the lives of our children.

Yesterday we started school for the 2009 - 2010 school year. We are excited to have a lively 3 year old, as well as a first and fourth grader. Every year my girls look forward to donuts (the good kind with icing and lots of sugar) and making posters and taking pictures. This year, my sweet husband even threw in a Starbucks Coffee for me. I think that is a tradition we will be keeping as well!

It is funny, because even though we have 5 years of "1st Day of School" under our belts, they still with anxious eyes ask me, "Mommy are we going to have donuts and make posters?" As mom, it is my blessing to say, "Of course!" and watch them light up!

It can be just a simple thing. I think the whole "tradition" cost at most $10 this year. But it is worth a million more!

Looking Forward,

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