Friday, March 19, 2010

How Will You Prepare?

How will you prepare for Easter?

Oh how I love Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. I can get lost in her words for hours. Today, I have been pondering this question she asked early in the week.

We do a great job of preparing for Christmas, in fact we love the Advent season at our house. But I have always struggled with how to prepare my children's hearts for Easter. I want them to understand the sacrifice, to embrace it and to rejoice in new life...all the Cross has to offer. Yet, I don't want to overburden their sweet faith with the heaviness the cross brings as well. So I am thinking and praying (always a good idea) about how to bring true meaning and anticipation into this season as we have the celebration of His birth.

In the mean time, the lovely Anne has posted some great ideas over at A Holy Experience. You should really check it out!

And after you are thoroughly blessed by her love for Jesus and way with words, you can click here and become a Facebook Fan of 29 Lincoln Avenue! I'd be so blessed! (Yes, I'm back to loving my technology!)

Have super weekend,

P.S. How are you preparing for Easter?

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  1. beautiful! We made the garden last year!
    I'm spending my Easter with the boys - my hubby just found out the weekend he's going to be away is none other than EASTER WEEKEND! poo!